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Pitting truth against truth

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Most Seventh-day Adventists are aware of our heated, conservative vs liberal theological debates. To properly defend truth as we see it is essential to present positions clearly. But aggressive attacks from both sides on both positions and persons only drive both ever further apart and make honest dialogue -- or even common friendships -- well nigh impossible.

A previously smoldering fire exploded in flames upon the 1957 publication of Questions on Doctrine, causing embryonic liberal and conservative factions to solidify and entrench themselves, each in defense of one pole of truth, but neither bringing those poles of truth together in balance. In the 1970's Desmond Ford sought to correct a conservative legalistic bent. But, instead, he introduced a new theology that undermined fundamental principles and stimulated further extremes on both sides.

This website is based on the premise that all truth contains balancing Bible principles that must fuse to assure proper understanding of each and to prevent extremes either way. To this end we also emphasize the need for a "priesthood of all believers," where those who differ sit down together and treat each other with the kindness and respect we all want to be shown. Fullness and balance of truth requires that each set opinions aside and rely solely upon the authority of God's Word in determining what is true.

In this process, it is imperative that we keep our focus upon Christ Who is Himself THE TRUTH, and to Whom all truths point. Each must recognize the value Christ places on those who may differ and seek to truly understand the other’s position, even as he maintains his own integrity to truth as he sees it. Moreover, it means to honor the necessity of the other to maintain his integrity at each step in that process. It is thus urgent that no pressure be applied but the Word as impressed by the Spirit. It is more important that we have the right attitudes and methods in relating to each other than that we convince others of our concept of truth – which may itself need balancing.

This web site contains books, articles, and postings that I have written over the last four decades which foster theological issues from this perspective. Books and papers of others that harmonize with these principles are placed under "Other Authors." Those who are aware of such materials that are in harmony with and encourage these principles, especially in the context of end-time issues, are invited to contact me regarding possible display. Christ is eager to return. But first He wants to reveal through us His own character, THE TRUTH, and lead us into balanced principles which bring the poles of truth together in such a way that others will be led to behold Christ as He really is and experience transformation and preparation for His coming.