How to "GoVege"

    Many on campus have so far never tried a plant-based diet. Here are some simple tips:

    Diet Assessment - Look at the four categories of diet to the left. Which one describes your current diet the best?

    Diet Selection - Now choose a diet that is at least one level in the direction of plant-based.

    Preparation - It is recommended that identify those plant-based food that you enjoy and make a special shopping trip to the store just prior to GoVege Week to get these items. Also, plan where you are going to eat for those meals that you don't eat at home.

    Participation - Enjoy your plant-based diet. Go with a friend out to one of the participating resturants that give a discount. Come to the GoVege Seminars to learn more about a plant-based diet. Sign-up for the GoVege Banquet.

    Consideration - Now that you've completed GoVege Week, might you consider making this new lifestyle permanent?