LMIG Activities

    Lifestyle Focus Newsletters - Periodically LMIG has produced newsletters covering a variety of topics. Each issue focuses on a particular topic of lifestyle and helps to promote the important place that lifestyle has. The editor this year is John Kelly, SM'01.

    Community Health Talks - Already members of LMIG have presented five health talks. Students design and present PowerPoint Presentations covering a variety of lifestyle related topics. Talks have been held at local churches with plans to expand this outreach.

    GoVege Week - Our biggest event so far this year. About 3500 students, residents and faculty will be encouraged to try a plant-based diet for one week.

    Lifestyle Forums - Periodically the club invites speakers to present an aspect of lifestyle medicine. These meetings typically occur in the evening during the weekdays.

    Loma Linda Lifestyle Program (LLLP) - A 16-day, intensive, outpatient lifestyle intervention program Oct 8-24. 20 patient will have their lifestyles changed and supported over one year. Results will include improved in chol., weight, B/P and reduced medication use & healthcare costs. The LLLP will be conducted through the Center for Health Promotion.