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The purpose of the Medical Ministry Network (MMN) is to establish web-based and local networks of Adventist individuals who want to collaborate with each other in order to establish and expand new medical ministry work (aka self-supporting work). This work is composed of five areas: Food, Agriculture, Clinical, Educational, and Gospel (FACE-G). Although stand-alone work can started for each of these areas, they work best if they synergize with each other locally. One objective of the MMN is to establish standardized, replicable models for how small groups can establish work in each of these areas in their local region. If we can reliably implement successful models then, Lord willing, all of those promises about every city being reached can become a reality.

The MMN is brand new, having only started in March 2011. Our first chapter has been established in Loma Linda, CA. Meeting monthly, we are exploring various concepts and beginning to move forward with plans to establish medical missionary work our area. You can listen to our presentations and review our meeting notes.

If you would like to join the MMN, regardless of where you live, please sign-up for our twice-monthly newsletter. Also, we would like to encourage you to contact us and establish your own regional or issue-specific MMN.