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Our References
Wayne Dysinger
Chair, Preventive Med Dept, Loma Linda, CA
"The Medical Ministry network is a group of dedicated, creative professionals who are working collaboratively to move the Seventh-day Adventist approach to health care forward. I have been impressed at their organization, the programs they’re pursuing, and the approaches they’re developing. I believe this network and their ideas and plans will provide great opportunities for empowering individuals and communities to achieve better health and wellbeing."

Skip Dodson
Administrative Director, Adventist Medical Education Network (AMEN)
"The Adventist Medical Evangelism Network is pleased to be working in cooperation with the Medical Ministry Network to explore and engage in medical missionary work."

Steven Grabiner
Executive V.P., Outpost Centers International
"Connecting people, ideas, and resources is an important strategy in the fulfillment of the gospel commission. The Medical Ministry Network is part of that strategy, linking individuals and organizations that are interested in utilizing health ministries to further the gospel."

Rodney Bowes
Divisional Director for Africa and South Asia
Lay Institute for Global Health Training (LIGHT)

"I see the Medical Ministry Network as the ideal place for every Seventh-day Adventist to get actively involved in health evangelism. No matter what gifts an individual has they will find a place in this network."