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Our Vision
The establishment of a significant number of medical ministry ventures around the world with the following parameters:
   l Faithful to the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy counsel and standards
   l Financially self-sustaining
   l Closely linked with other medical ministry work and with the SDA Church organization
   l Successfully reaching cities with the gospel

We envision the Medical Ministry Network (MMN) establishing dialogue and topic-specific networks in order to draw upon the experience of our brothers and sisters who have pioneered self-supporting work before us. We hope to develop consensus models for how modest medical ministry work can be established for each of the FACE-G areas. We would then publish these models on the MMN webiste. Then, we envision the models being implemented, tested, and refined until each model is able to achieve reliable success (e.g. achieves good evangelistic & reform outcomes while being financially self-sustaining). Through the Lord's guiding, we hope to establish an ever-expanding work to employ many, many dedicated SDAs in reaching the world for Christ in preparation for His soon return.