About Lifestyle Medicine

    Just what is "lifestyle medicine"?

    This term is used to describe that part of healthcare which utilizes an improved lifestyle for the prevention and treatment of lifestyle diseases.

    As LMIG describes it, some principles of lifestyle medicine include:

  • Before leading a patient into a healthier lifestyle, we the healthcare provider should first practice such a lifestyle ourselves.
  • Most of the actual causes of death result from an unhealthy lifestyle. These diseases can be prevented by a healthy lifestyle and in most cases can be treated by a healthy lifestyle.
  • It is not sufficient to treat a patient's symptoms. Patients should be taught principles of healthy living and encouraged to do so. This takes time and effort on the part of the patient and the provider but is essential.
  • God has created and sustains the biological processes through natural law. Providers should assist their patients to understand, appreciate and cooperate with this.