Why GoVege

    A plant-based diet has many advantages. Here are some of the top reasons:

    Longer Life - People who eat a plant diet tend to live an average of around 6 years longer. That's more time to enjoy one's family and friends.

    Better Health - And we're not talking about being a feeble old person for a longer period of time. Studies show that one's health is better for a longer period of time.

    Better for the Animals - If not for yourself, at least consider a more plant-based diet for the sake of animals. Modern factory farming is very inhumane to the animals we eat. The slaughter is senseless and need not go on.

    Better for the Environment - A plant-based diet makes better use of land and water...so our Earth can breath better.

    Spiritual Benefits - Many find that a plant-based diet is a more conscientious diet which enhances one's relationship with God.

    Helping our Patients - Healthcare workers who take their own health seriously tend to do the following:

      - Believe that their patients are interested in a healthier lifestyle.
      - Offer information about lifestyle to their patients.
      - Know from experience how to help their patients choose a better lifestyle.